I am a maker of absent memories. 

An obsessive collector and archivist of mental storage.


I construct containers which give the forgotten a physical presence.


Fragile layers reflect a need to capture

                                                        to collect

                                                        to archive

                                                        to reminisce.


Memories are fabrications.


                                                    Memories can never be contained.

Empty spaces play a crucial role in making absence tangible as they indicate where loss has occurred. Such a powerful and captivating process defies logic, escapes scientific scrutiny and is

beyond conscious control. 

I use analogue methods to visually portray the process of transformation. Each component bears the marks of its creation, whether moulded, manipulated or stitched.


Whilst shedding light on my own personal experience, I have been guided by the anecdotal insights of Proust and Freud, showing that remembering and forgetting are both

timeless and universal.


My artistic decisions have been influenced by the suspended textile works of Louise Bourgeois which hang heavy with the psychological weight of childhood nostalgia as seen through the lens of adulthood. I admire the technical and spatial qualities of Do Ho Suh’s fabric installations which recreate the overlooked passages from his past in meticulous detail.

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